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3 Tips for Finding the Best Pool Supplies

Along with a beautiful swimming pool to be proud of, a trusted pool expert is necessary to provide you with the best supplies and advice for your backyard prize. Finding the right place for pool necessities can be difficult, but with Anthony & Sylvan, it doesn’t have to be. With the ability to find supplies online and in store, shopping for pool necessities is super convenient.

When choosing the right pool supply store, it takes certain steps to truly know you have selected the right place for all your pool knowledge and needs.

1 – Find a Specialized Pool Company

Going to a typical massive corporation or supermarket won’t get you the expert advice you need. If you stop in a store that specializes in a certain expertise, you know they have all the answers to your questions.

With 70 years of experience in the pool industry and 12 pool supply stores across the Northeast, the team at Anthony & Sylvan know all the tricks of the trades with inground pools along with what supplies are best.

We live and breathe pools, so we know exactly the products you need for your specific inground pool. Being around for as long as we have, you can firmly believe in our pool products.

2 – Seek a Store with a Wide Variety of Pool Products

We carry the high-quality goods you need to maintain, accessorize, and liven up your backyard pool. We are a pool company after all, so you can expect to find any pool product you desire.

Looking for a solution to properly clean your pool? We have a wide selection of pool chemicals such as algae control, chlorine, water clarifiers, you name it. Do you need a pool cover? We’ve got all the types – solar, water bag and safety covers! How about pool equipment? Of course, we have pumps, motors, filters, and more that are energy efficient and will keep your pool lasting a long time. Need some more excitement for your pool? Anthony & Sylvan has the best pool toys and accessories for kids and adults alike.

3 –Look for a Professional, Knowledgeable Staff

If you are dealing with a pool issue such as an algae problem, chemical imbalance, or more – you need expert assistance to help not only identify the problem, but also solve it as quickly and easily as possible. At many stores, you can barely find someone to help you find what you are looking for – let alone if you are not sure what it is exactly that you need!

Throughout the years, our staff has remained to keep customer service as our top priority with complete accommodation to anything they need. Whether you’re building a new pool, need help with financing, or assistance in what pool motor to get, we have all the answers. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations with the best care our team can provide. When you call or step foot in our retail stores, you can fully believe you have found the right place for pool supplies.

Shop at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies

For the most reliable pool expert and supplies you can find, Anthony & Sylvan is the place you can have confidence in. With over 12 pool supply stores in the Northeast, we know we can provide you with the best quality products that will keep your pool lasting for years. Put your trust in us and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed in your choice with Anthony & Sylvan. Go ahead and shop our online store or give us a call at the location nearest you if you have any questions.