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Beyond Chlorine: Learn About Supplemental Systems for Inground Pools

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers mineral and saltwater-based pool systems

While traditional chlorine is the most popular and cost effective sanitation method for pools, there are some other options available. In recent years, Chlorine generators “salt water pools” and mineral sanitizers have become very popular. Both options still rely on chlorine, but offer more benefits than traditional chlorine. Read more about these two water sanitizer systems from our pool supply experts.

Mineral-Based Systems for Inground Pools

Mineral-based sanitizing systems use a variety of natural minerals such as silver and copper in combination with your current filtration system to clean and sanitize pool water.

Mineral-based systems for inground pools can reduce the use of chlorine up to 50{1b1ead7f491439c25739d151ffbe191d851c0b7a2d88cd70f9532c1b95ba4fbe}, while at the same time creating soft and clear water.

Salt-Based Systems for Inground Pools

Salt-based sanitizing systems use salt that has been added to the pool water to create chlorine. Instead of adding traditional chlorine directly into the water of your pool, salt is converted into chlorine through these pool systems in a process called electrolysis.

As salt dissolves in pool water, a natural balance of chlorine is maintained, making pool upkeep minimal. Maintenance is low; usually pool owners only need to check chlorine levels about once a week. This process also eliminates the need to store or transport chlorine from the store.

Including the Nature2® Fusion Soft, which combines salt and minerals, Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies installs and carries three different salt based purifying systems with varying benefits:

Ask Anthony & Sylvan Pools About Supplemental Chlorine Systems for Inground Pools

If you have any questions about different types of sanitation systems for inground pools beyond just chlorine, call Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies at 1-877-729-7946 or visit one of our many locations across the United States. You can also visit our online pool supply store to shop our salt, ozone, and mineral systems and their parts for alternative chlorination systems.