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New Jersey Loves Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies

You can find the true pool experts at Anthony & Sylvan. For more than 70 years in the swimming pool industry, we have not just built and renovated pools. We are also your go-to place for all pool supply goods... Continue Reading

Spotlight on Swimming Pool Wash Off Showers

Showering before swimming in your pool is an often overlooked concept, but it can greatly benefit you and your pool. A portable wash off shower is a fantastic tool to have on hand in your backyard – especially for larger... Continue Reading

Stunning Pool Lighting Designs

Many different elements can bring a swimming pool to life, but nothing can put the spotlight on your pool like custom lighting designs. Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies gives their clients lighting options that add a magical touch to their... Continue Reading

Ultimate Guide to Pool Cleaning Supplies

For over 70 years, Anthony & Sylvan has taken care of their customer’s pool needs. We have built and renovated pools professionally, but we’re more than that. We also have pool retail stores, which are the one-stop shops for any... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Filters

A great pool filter keeps your water sparkling and clean. It is a great investment and will help make swimming in your own private pool that much more enjoyable. A typical concrete swimming pool is comprised of two or more... Continue Reading

The Best Products to Keep Leaves Out of Your Pool

Excessive foliage can interfere with the water chemistry of your pool and clog filtration systems. In order to prevent unwanted cleaning issues, you have to get on the offensive. Anthony and Sylvan Pool Supplies offer a variety of tools to... Continue Reading

Shop for the Best Thermometers for Your Inground Pool

Knowing the temperature of your pool is good information to have. Although you can dip your foot in the pool to get a gauge, a thermometer can help accurately measure the temperature. It is vital information to help you stay... Continue Reading

The Best Pool Toys for All Ages!

It’s fantastic to have your own pool or spa in your backyard, but you can always add a few extra toys for an even better time. Whether you are an adult or child, we have some great suggestions for pool-toy... Continue Reading

The Best Way to Test Your Inground Pool Water

Clean, balanced pool water is essential for a pleasant swim. Proper maintenance requires diligent attention to filters, pumps, and especially the chemistry of your pool water. For a safe and enjoyable swim, owners must test their pool water for six... Continue Reading

Great Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays fast approaching, don’t forget the pool lover in your life. From those who love to relax to those who love to play, check out these great holiday gift ideas for pool lovers of all ages from Anthony... Continue Reading