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Cute & Safe Baby Floats

Here at Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we are so excited that it is finally summertime. No pool day is complete without incredibly fun pool toys and floats, and we have something for everyone in the family. We have great, new pool floats for toddlers and babies that you will be comfortable and confident putting your child in. Explore all of our safe pool floats for babies and toddlers of all ages.

Check Out Some Of Our Favorites

Explore all of our exciting baby floats like this froggy baby float. This float has a comfortable drop-style seat with leg holes so your child will be safe and secure. This float also has a large inner tube around the seat keeping it sturdy, so you won’t worry about your child teetering or flipping over. The lily pad awning is a great bonus to help protect your child from the direct sunlight. Feel comfortable letting your child play and cool off in this adorable new float.

Another family favorite that we love at Anthony & Sylvan Pools are our Transportation Baby Rider floats. These floaties are perfect for any toddlers that love cars with fun prints and patterns throughout. With the classic pocket seat and comfortable leg holes, your little one is going to want to be in the pool for hours. These floats also have fun, built-in squeakers to keep your child entertained. These riders are ultra-easy to inflate and deflate and are available in fire truck, police car, and tugboat designs.

Our Aqua Fun Baby Sitter rings are also a great option for summer fun. Available in three different color options, these rings have the same pocket seat design with comfortable leg holes to avoid any type of chafing on your child. These rings are also made with dual air chambers which providing even more stability and durability, so you’ll be comfortable letting your child play all day long.

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At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we know a pool day can only get better with fun floats and toys. However, it is important to always remember that children always need adult supervision when playing in or near the pool. No float is a replacement for parental supervision, no matter how fun or safe!

Be sure to check out the rest of our selection of inflatables from floating coolers to beach balls and more. Find a location close to you and come see all that Anthony & Sylvan Pools can do for you.