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Extending the Seasonal Life of Your Pool

When the weather starts to change and cool down, many people close their pools for the season. At Anthony & Sylvan, we have the tools and supplies to help you extend the pool season so you can enjoy your inground swimming pool through the fall. Below are the top 3 ways our team of pool experts recommend to extend the seasonal life of your inground swimming pool.

Top Three Ways to Extend Seasonal Life of Your Inground Pool

If you’re searching for a way for your family to enjoy your inground pool past Labor Day, read on to learn about some of the top products and features to keep your pool in use for majority of the year.

Pool heaters are an easy way to make your pool useable for an extended season, into the fall. No matter what type of weather you have, Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies sells a heater to keep your pool warm and suitable for swimming. Anthony and Sylvan offers both gas and electric heat pumps to meet your needs. Contact your local Anthony and Sylvan store for more information on which type of pool heaters is best for your inground pool.

With an indoor control panel you can adjust the temperature of your pool from inside. This pool feature is especially useful when it starts getting chilly in the fall, allowing you to set your pool to a comfortable temperature so it’s ready as soon as you step outside.

When the sun goes down earlier, it’s a great investment to purchase lighting for your outdoor area. Anthony & Sylvan’s pool supply stores offer different types of lighting for inside your pool and your pool area. If you have custom lighting in mind, we offer tons of LED lighting options to create the perfect show for you and your guests.

If you’re looking to keep your pool open for longer each year, the team at Anthony & Sylvan has over 70 years of experience that they can use to help you find a solution to extend your pool season that’s perfect for your family.

Enjoy a Longer Pool Season with Anthony & Sylvan

Unsure of what option will work best for you? Call the Anthony & Sylvan team for a custom solution to keep your pool open all year. Call our team at 1-877-729-7946 to speak with a representative or visit our locations page for the nearest pool supply store near you.