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Our Favorite Pool Accessories for Family Fun

Playing in the pool is a great way for families to spend happy, meaningful time together and to make lasting memories. Pool accessories can encourage pool play, which keep parents and children entertained and active.

At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we build and maintain pools, and we love to help people think of great ways to use them as well! Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies is happy to offer some of our favorite pool accessories for family fun.

Favorite Pool Toys

Pool Dive Rings

Pool Dive Rings encourage children to practice diving and swimming underwater to retrieve these colorful rings. Children can try to swim fast and catch them as they sink, or they can retrieve them from the bottom of the pool.

Hold a race to see who can collect the most rings, or time yourself to see how long it takes you to retrieve a dive ring. Make up your own rules for the most fun.

Water Pop Blasters

Take splashing to the next level with water pop blasters. These water pop blasters act like a water gun, but they use a pump instead of a trigger.

They can launch powerful streams of water over 30 feet, so you can have water fights from across your pool. The best part is they have a quick-draw refill, so you don’t have to stop playing to reload your water blaster!

Favorite Pool Games

Water Volleyball

Our Super Combo Water Volleyball Game includes:

Whether your family decides to play volleyball or badminton, you’ll have a blast as you bob up and down trying to hit the target and beat the other team.

Water Basketball

Set up your poolside basketball backboard for a game of hoops or H.O.R.S.E., and you’ll have an endless source of fun.

The base for the backboard can be filled with sand or water, so it doesn’t tip over when the ball goes through the net.
Water basketball is great for a group or an individual!

Favorite Pool Inflatables

Inflatable Water Slide

This inflatable water slide is a ton of fun. It’s an affordable, practical alternative for pools that don’t have the space for a permanent slide.

Slide feet first or head first into the cool, refreshing water. This slide is fun for the family, and it’s also a big hit at birthday parties.

Inflatable Aqua Rocker

The inflatable aqua rocker is curved, and it can hold 3 to 4 children inside. Rock back and forth and from side to side as you try to knock the other person into the water.

When one person wins, the other person can hop back on the float or try to flip it for playful revenge.

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