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Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals are an important element of a clean, balanced and well-maintained pool. At Anthony and Sylvan Pool Supplies, we carry pool chemicals from the best brands on the market, as well as our own line of high-quality pool chemicals.

Algae Control

Algaecides help prevent and control many types of pool algae, including green, yellow, black and pink. Keep your pool sparkling and clean with Anthony & Sylvan’s line of Algaecides.


To keep your pool clean and clear, you’ll need high-quality chlorine products. At Anthony & Sylvan, we carry a wide selection of chlorine. Our chlorine line consists of granular chlorine, tablets in 3″ and 1″ options as well as chlorinating sticks. We also carry a large selection of pool shock treatments for super chlorination including liquid and non-chlorine.

Water Balancers

Anthony & Sylvan carries a wide selection of products to help maintain your pool’s water balance. We have multiple sizes available in pH increaser and lower, alkalinity increaser and also calcium hardness to help raise the calcium levels.

Water Clarifiers & Enzymes

Water clarifiers keep your pool crystal clear by aiding your filter with the removal of particles. Natural enzymes eliminate oil and scum lines and improve filter and sanitizer efficiency.

Shop Pool Chemicals at Anthony & Sylvan

Keep your pool safe, clean and clear this summer with pool chemicals from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. To order any of the many brands we stock, visit one of our many convenient Anthony & Sylvan retail stores, or shop online.

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