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Get a Clean, Clear Swimming Pool with Water Clarifiers, Flocculants and Enzymes

When pool water looks cloudy or murky, and when “bathtub rings” or impurity lines begin to form around the edges of pools, water clarifiers, flocculants and enzymes from Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies can help. The collection of debris and other organic matter can cause these appearances in your inground pool.

It’s important to note that inground pool water should be balanced and filtration systems should be in working order before assuming the use of these water cleaning agents, otherwise unclean water can be caused by an imbalance in chemicals or faulty equipment. Water clarifiers, flocculants and enzymes in your pool work differently, and understanding them is necessary in selecting the product that will work best for your pool’s needs.

• Clarifiers work with a filtration system and group debris particles together, allowing a filter to catch them.
• Pool floc or flocculent cause the microscopic particles in the water creating the cloudy appearance to clump together and sink to the bottom.Enzymes “eat” organic matter, thereby producing a byproduct of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Water Clarifiers for Your Inground Swimming Pool

When microscopic debris like dust, pollen and other particles are too small to be caught by pool filters, they can escape back into the pool and become suspended in water, creating a foggy and discolored appearance.

Water clarifiers are positively charged polymers that attract negatively charged particles, or debris (think opposites attract). The clarifiers work as coagulants and group together debris, causing larger pieces to form. Pool filters should be kept running to circulate clarifiers. As water flows through filters, eventually debris is caught once particle size has increased enough.

Flocculants for Your Inground Swimming Pool

Flocculants (floc) are a great option when you want to cleanup your pool fast. This technique is known as “floccing”. Prior to floccing your pool, the water should be tested to ensure the water is balanced and not the source of the cloudiness. When used correctly the floc will bond to particles causing them to stick together and sink to the bottom of the pool. After the particles have fallen to the bottom they will need to be vacuumed out manually.

Prevent Pool Scum with Enzymes in Your Inground Pool

Enzymes are naturally occurring molecules that are present in all living (and deceased) things. Enzymes digest fats, oils, and other organic waste. Organic wastes include things like human waste, hair products, lotions, airborne pollution, deodorants, and other elements that contaminate water; all of these promote a breeding ground for bacteria and algae that eventually collect and form lines on pool walls or floors.

When enzymes are introduced into pool water they consume this matter, eventually turning it into CO2 with no residue or chemicals left behind. Enzyme treatment formulas vary depending on the temperature of water, or if it is for a pool or spa, season of use, and most are biodegradable.

Regular use of enzymes can prevent scum lines from forming on walls or tile, prolong filter lifecycles (reduce backwashing) and reduce the need for chemical sanitization and shocking. This saves pool owners money on upkeep and supplies.

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