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Guide to Buying Pool Chlorine for an Inground Pool

As a pool owner– it’s important to understand the required maintenance that comes with owning an inground pool.

Here are some tips on buying chlorine and treating your pool for the season.

Understanding the Different Types of Chlorine

Before you begin to buy pool chlorine, it’s important to understand the options. There are different types of chlorine that have different testing regimens for a healthy, crystal clear pool.

Each type of chlorine has a different concentration of the chemical itself, so make sure you’re purchasing the type of chlorine that will be most effective in cleaning your pool.

The different types of swimming pool chlorine include:

Daily Use Chlorine

Liquid Chlorine

Granular Chlorine

For regular pool maintenance, most pool owners choose the tablet or stick form of chlorine because it is easier to manage and store. You may consider purchasing granular chlorine or a chlorine free shock for weekly “shock” treatments or opening and closing your pool for the season, but consistently use chlorine tablets.

Items to Purchase with Chlorine

You will need to purchase some additional products along with swimming pool chlorine for complete pool sanitizing.

In order to use the pool chlorine, be sure you have safety gloves so that your skin does not come in contact with the actual chlorine tablets. Although they have a reduced amount of chlorine in them, they can still irritate your skin.

Another item to consider purchasing with your pool chlorine are testing strips or a test kit that will be used to determine the sanitizing effectiveness in your pool. Also, your local A&S store provides free computerized water testing.

Chlorine Safety Tips

When you have purchased pool chlorine to keep your pool clean, be sure you store it in a safe, secure location. Keep it away from children or pets, and be sure to not let it touch your skin because it can irritate it.

Don’t ever mix pool chlorine with any other chemicals for your pool. When pre-dissolving pool chemicals, always remember to add the chemical to water, never add water to the chemical. Also, never use your hand to “stir” the diluted chemical, use a stick or wooden paint stirrer. For more safety guidelines, be sure to visit your local Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supply store.

Call Anthony & Sylvan for All Your Pool Supplies Needs

If you are searching for more in-depth buying directions for chlorine, call or visit your local Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supply store and speak with a pool consultant. We are offering special coupons on all in-store purchases.

You can also visit our online pool supply store to purchase chlorine products directly from Anthony & Sylvan Pools.