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Simplify Pool Maintenance with Borates

Inground swimming pools are a huge source of fun for families, and they’re also a great way to exercise at home. However, pools require maintenance to remain clean and safe to use.

You can use pool borates, which allow you to reduce the amount of chlorine you use, to help save money and always have a sparkling pool ready to dive into with less effort!

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies is here to help make pool maintenance easy, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool. Read on to learn more about pool borates.

How do Pool Borates Work?

Pool Borates Balance pH Levels

Pool borates are a natural compound, which help stabilize the pH balance of water. This quality is described as a buffering effect. It reduces the amount of other pool chemicals homeowners have to use to constantly balance pH levels.

Pool Borates Prevent Algae Growth

Additionally, pool borates are very effective at killing algae, so you can use less chlorine in your inground pool. How do pool borates kill algae? There are a couple of different theories, and they both suggest that borates work by starving algae and preventing growth.

The first theory supposes that borax removes carbon dioxide from pools, which prevents algae from undergoing photosynthesis.

The second theory debunks the first, and it states that the carbon dioxide level in your pool remains constant because of the atmosphere and other factors. This theory proposes that borates inhibit certain enzymes within algae cells from working, and that is how borates prevent photosynthesis.

Either way, borates work well to keep your inground pool algae-free!

Pool Borates Act as a Water Softener

Finally, pool borates have another added benefit. They work to soften water, which is great news for your skin.
Pool borates are also reflective, and when the sun hits your pool water, they create a sparkling effect, which makes your pool look both beautiful and clean.

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