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At Anthony & Sylvan, we carry a wide range of pool covers to fit your specific needs, including solar covers, pool safety covers, and winter covers.

Solar Covers

Keep your pool warm with solar covers from Anthony & Sylvan. These covers help reduce water evaporation, conserving energy and lowering pool heating costs during the off-season. They also come in a variety of sizes to custom fit your pool.

Anthony & Sylvan also offers solar liquid blankets. This innovative pool covering is a liquid that forms an invisible layer on your pool’s water surface. Safe and non-toxic, this biodegradable and ecofriendly pool cover significantly reduces water evaporation and heat loss for lower heating costs and energy conservation, without interfering with the pool’s chemistry.

Pool Safety Covers

Safety pool covers are designed to protect against accidental intrusions and unwanted dirt and debris. Anthony & Sylvan offers a variety of pool cover options to meet your needs and fit your budget. We can even customize a cover to fit the specific dimensions of your own in-ground pool, regardless of shape or size.

Winter Covers

Winter pool covers from Anthony & Sylvan are designed to keep your pool protected during the off-season. Created to withstand the elements and protect your pool from debris during the winter months.

Keep Your Pool Protected with Anthony & Sylvan Pool Covers

Keep your pool protected and conserve energy with Anthony & Sylvan pool covers. To buy your pool cover today, visit one of Anthony & Sylvan Pool’s retail stores or shop online.

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Benefits of a Pool Safety Cover

Find out about the different types of pool safety covers such as the Super-Dense Mesh Safety Cover and the On Ground Mesh Safety Cover, and learn about the benefits each can provide for your inground pool.

Reasons to Upgrade to a Pool Safety Cover

Before pulling out your old pool cover, consider the benefits of upgrading to a pool safety cover. Keep your pool clean and safe with a high quality safety cover for your inground pool.

Safety Cover Installation 

Learn about how to keep your family and pets safe by properly installing a safety cover for your inground pool today.

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