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Benefits of a Pool Safety Cover

No matter if you are an existing pool owner or if you’re a new pool owner, it’s good to understand the benefits of a pool safety cover. When you own an inground pool, there are never too many safety precautions for your children, pets, and loved ones.

Pool safety covers help protect your inground pool when the pool season ends. This protects against the weather changes that can affect your pool chemistry and cleanliness, and keeps your inground pool in good condition year after year.

Benefits of Different Types of Pool Safety Covers

There are many different reasons why a pool owner should purchase a pool safety cover. Each type of pool cover has its own specific benefits, but all pool covers are beneficial to:

In addition to those general benefits, different types and brands of safety covers will provide different levels of protection for your family. Below are two types of covers offered at Anthony & Sylvan’s pool supply stores:

Mesh & Vinyl Safety Cover

Anthony & Sylvan Pools offer a variety of pool safety covers. One of the most popular safety covers is the super-dense mesh cover, which is more durable and lasting than the winter covers because of the strength of the materials used.

Product benefits include:

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If you are in need of a pool safety cover for your inground swimming pool, visit your local Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies Store, or call our office for help choosing a pool safety cover online.