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Reasons to Upgrade to a Pool Safety Cover

You may have toyed with the idea of changing your pool cover before the looming winter season, but there are so many different covers to choose from. To make sure you get the best pool cover for you and your family’s needs, consider upgrading to a pool safety cover from Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

What is A Pool Safety Cover?

Pool safety covers were intentionally designed as a physical barrier to prevent people from accidentally slipping or falling into the pool water. These covers are generally made with a tight mesh or solid vinyl that is fitted to the size and shape of the pool.

Top Reasons to Upgrade to a Safety Cover

Before you drag out your old pool cover for the winter season, consider these reasons for upgrading to a new pool safety cover:

Find Pool Safety Covers at Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Upgrade to a pool safety cover this winter season and prolong the life of your pool. Visit an Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supply store, shop online or talk to one of our experienced and knowledgeable team members at 888-253-SWIM.