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Safety Cover Installation

Safety covers keep small children, pets, and other unwanted visitors from falling or entering an inground swimming pool when it is closed for the season.

Additionally, safety covers protect inground pools from the environment, dirt, and debris, giving pool owners the benefit of less upkeep and maintenance. Solid safety covers also keep sunlight out to inhibit the growth of algae, which will reduce pool cleaning time in the spring.

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers a durable mesh for lightweight safety pool covers and  a solid vinyl safety cover.. To better outfit your backyard or landscaping design, safety covers come in multiple colors like tan, green, blue, and more. For those concerned with coping being damaged, our safety cover springs are equipped with rub covers to help avoid wear and tear.

Installation Process for Safety Pool Covers

The professionals at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies can install a safety cover on your inground pool to ensure there are no mistakes and to save our clients the headache of fitting. A computerized cutting and shaping technique is used for sizing, allowing us to create custom dimensions for all pools and coping.

Before the cover is put over the pool, holes will drilled in specific areas around the perimeter of the deck area. Anchors will be inserted into the holes so that the straps attached to covers can be hooked with springs. This anchoring allows for a sturdy hold that keeps the cover stretched over your pool. Swimming pools will look very sleek and concealed, while being safer for the whole family.

The professional installers at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies will ensure:

After installation, attaching or removing your safety cover is as simple as hooking or unhooking cover loops from the surrounding anchors. When swimming pools are in use, anchors can be flush with decking to give pool sides a smooth look.

Buy Safety Covers at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies

Safety covers not only keep inground swimming pools clean, but add an extra layer of security for family, friends, and guests. Contact our pool experts for pool cover information, advice, and installations.

Shop our safety pool covers in our online store or visit one of our local retail locations. To schedule a consultation, call us at 1-877-729-7946 or fill out an online contact form.