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Pool Equipment

From pool pumps to pool heaters, Anthony & Sylvan has the tools you need to maintain your backyard pool all year long. Keep your pool clean, clear and protected with our pool equipment.

Pumps & Motors

A good pool pump and motor is essential to keeping your pool clean and clear all summer long. Anthony & Sylvan carries a wide variety of pumps and motors that can efficiently circulate the volume of water that your custom pool holds, conserve energy and lower energy costs.

Pool Filters

Keep your pool’s water clean and sparkling with a pool filtering system from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. Pool filters help remove leaves, dirt, bacteria, microorganisms and other debris from your pool’s water. Anthony & Sylvan carries diatomaceous earth filters, cartridge filters and sand filters both in store and online.

Pool Cleaners

The beauty of automatic pool cleaners is the time and energy you’ll save letting them do the dirty work. These time-savers also circulate the water in your pool, and can be set with an automatic timer. Anthony & Sylvan offers a selection of robotic pool cleaners, pressure-side cleaners, suction side cleaners, and in-floor cleaning systems.

Salt & Mineral Systems

Salt and mineral systems are alternative chlorination systems that reduce the amount of ongoing work needed to maintain your pool.

Salt systems convert common salt into chlorine, which helps to sanitize the water and keep the pool free of bacteria and algae. Mineral systems use mineral-bed technology to destroy harmful bacteria, improve the waters clarity and smell , and keep the water soft and luxurious.

Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps

Extend your pool season into the cooler months with a pool heater from Anthony & Sylvan. Pool heaters work to keep your pool warm and inviting, even when the weather isn’t. We offer gas and digital heaters, along with heat pumps.

Pool Lighting

Keep your pool sparkling and illuminated for nighttime swims with pool lighting options from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. We offer in ground pool lighting, pool light shows and fountains, junction boxes, transformers and replacement bulbs.

High-Quality Pool Equipment from Anthony & Sylvan Pools

To keep your pool fun, safe and clean all summer long, find premium pool equipment from the pool experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools. Shop online or at one of our convenient retail locations.

Looking for more ways to keep your pool fully equipped? Check out our pool chemicals and covers.

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Pool Equipment Repair or Installation 

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies can help you repair or install a variety of pool equipment including motors, pumps, lighting, heating and more.

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