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Benefits of Salt & Mineral Pool Sanitizing Systems

Your pool’s sanitizing system eliminates bacteria and algae from water to maintain a sanitary pool or spa that is safe for swimmers.

Most swimming pools use a chlorine sanitizing system. Chlorine is easily accessible, can be stored longer than some other sanitizing products, and continues to eliminate bacteria over time.

However, there are several other types of pool sanitizing systems available. Two of the most popular are salt and mineral pool sanitizing systems. Find out the benefits of these two alternative systems below.

Salt Pool Sanitizing System

In a salt sanitizing system, salt is added to your pool’s water. Then, the water passes through a machine known as a salt chlorine generator. Inside the generator’s cell, a small electrical charge is created as the salt water comes into contact with the machine’s blades. This produces hypochlorous acid, which is a more natural version of chlorine.

Benefits of a salt pool sanitizing system include:

While salt pool sanitizing systems can work just as well as chlorine systems, it requires the purchase of different equipment, and the generator’s salt cell must be replaced every few years.

Mineral Pool Sanitizing System

How does a mineral pool sanitizing system work?

A mineral pool sanitizing system uses natural minerals or natural ions to kill bacteria and algae. The two mineral sanitizers approved for use by the EPA include a silver salt and a colloidal form of silver.

Benefits of a mineral pool sanitizing system include:

The main difference between salt systems and mineral systems is that a mineral pool sanitizing system is intended to be used in addition to chlorine, while a salt system is not. However, with a mineral system, the amount of chlorine you will have to use for your pool can be reduced significantly by up to 50 percent.

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