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Should you Invest in a Mineral Sanitizing System for Your Pool?

Everyone loves swimming but no one likes diving into a pool of dirty water. One of the most important investments a pool owner can make is which sanitizing system to install for their project. Since we have been in the pool business for over 70 years, we’ve seen the evolution of sanitizing systems. Fortunately, innovative and new mineral sanitizing systems are a great investment.

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The Benefits of a Mineral Pool Sanitizing System

Natural minerals, such as silver and copper, have been used for thousands of years to effectively control bacteria and algae. Mineral sanitizing systems utilize these natural minerals to purify your water. By combining mineral technology with chlorine the pool water is noticeably cleaner, clearer and softer.

Prevent Algae and Bacteria with Mineral Pool Sanitization

No one wants to swim in green water. A pool with algae growth will leave an uncomfortable and slimy residue in the water and around your pool. Build up of algae can leave a slippery residue on your pool floors, ladders, and walls. Mineral sanitation used in conjunction with chlorine is proven to control bacteria and algae, so your pool water will be sparkling clean. Elemental ingredients like copper and silver are a natural supplement to chlorine, so it helps maximize chlorine investment, while reducing the annoying and harmful effects of harsh chemical use. If you need additional help, contact us for full pool service.

What is the Difference Between Salt and Mineral Pool Sanitization Systems?

Salt-based sanitizing systems use salt that has been added to the pool water to create chlorine. Instead of adding traditional chlorine directly into the water of your pool, salt is converted into chlorine through these pool systems in a process called electrolysis. Both systems, the combination of chlorine with mineral technology and salt pools can have lower maintenance and deliver improved swimming quality compared to traditional chlorine pools. Both pools will have a silky smooth feel when you swim.

As with traditional chlorine or any sanitizing system you choose you still need to test the water to be sure it is balanced. The balancing of the water is not only important to swimmer safety but also all pool surfaces and equipment. Water can be tested with either an at home kit or by bringing a water sample to your local Anthony and Sylvan pool supply store.

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