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Best Pool Pumps & Motors

It’s simply not possible for an inground swimming pool to properly function without a pump and motor. The pump is a major component and the motor is the driving force of the system. The pump includes the housing, lid, strainer basket and an impeller with motor which circulates the water in the pool. The strainer basket in the housing removes larger debris from the water before passing to the filter.

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies provides the best Jandy pool pumps and Zodiac motors that are high quality, making your backyard pool last for many years. Our team of pool experts will make certain that you are geared with the best pool pump and motor for your unique pool.

Types of Pumps & Motors

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies has a variety of pool pumps and motors for every type and size of pool. There are three types of pumps: single-speed, two-speed, and variable speed.

Single and two-speed are the most standard and popular amongst pool owners. For the most energy efficient pump, a variable speed pump is the best choice. While it is more of an investment, it gives pool owners the ability to select the speed. Having to ability to run the pump at a lower speed at an increased run time can help reduce electric bills.

Our team will work with you in choosing the best pump and motor that fits your pool and budget.

Choosing the Correct Pool Pump & Motor Size

Often times, people are drawn to the biggest pump and motor with the highest horsepower – this is not the best strategy in mind when shopping for this equipment. When choosing a pool pump and motor, it’s important to get the right size. In other words, bigger is not always better.

The pump size depends on a few different factors, so consult with an Anthony & Sylvan professional before making a decision.

Find the Best Pool Pumps & Motors at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies

Our customers can always count on Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies to carry the best pool products, accessories and equipment including pool pumps and motors. Find a location nearest you to get the highest quality products for your swimming pool. Our staff will help you choose the right items needed to keep your pool running smoothly all year round.