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Choosing the Best Pool Cleaner for Your Pool

Get tips on the best pool cleaning supplies from the experts at Anthony & Sylvan

Every swimming season, your inground pool welcomes friends and family for endless hours of relaxation and fun. From barbecues and pool parties to lazy days spent relaxing on a float, your inground pool is well used throughout the season.

Whether it’s filled with dirt, bugs, leaves or sand, after days of entertaining guests, your pool needs a good cleaning. Every pool and pool owner is different, which is why at Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we offer an entire range of pool cleaners to suit every lifestyle.

Check out this helpful guide from the team at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies to choose the best pool cleaner for your home.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the most popular choice for their simplicity and easy maintenance. They have their own self-contained filtration system, eliminating the strain on your pool pump and the need for a booster or second pump. Easy to use, robotic pool cleaners plug into a GFCI outlet and can then be lowered into the pool for easy and hands-free cleaning.

Robotic cleaners are energy-efficient and quiet, and provide excellent cleaning and filtration.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

A pressure side pool cleaner uses water pressure to roll over the pool floor and suck in any dirt or debris to the attached bag. These cleaners are great for medium to large pools.

Pressure cleaners require no filter maintenance. These cleaners are a good investment and, if well maintained, can last up to 10 years. Some pressure side pool cleaners require a dedicated pump also known as a “booster pump”.

Suction Pool Cleaners

A suction pool cleaner works like an automatic vacuum. It attaches to the skimmer system in the pool and uses the filter system to move around. As the filter system moves it across the pool floor, the suction system vacuums debris, sending it through the skimmer to the filtration system.

This pool cleaner is a great, affordable option and works especially well for small to medium sized pools. The only drawback is that is uses the pool filtration system when running, putting slightly more strain on the pump.

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For inground pools big and small, Anthony & Sylvan Pools has the pool cleaner to fit your family’s needs. Shop our online store or visit one of our many convenient pool supply and equipment stores.