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Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

A pool pump circulates the water in the pool and removes debris. It also ensures that the pool water gets chemically treated by pushing it through the filtration system.

To maintain the right balance of chlorine, which is broken down by sunlight, it is better to run your pool pump during the daytime. However, daytime is generally when electricity costs run at a higher rate. So how do you maintain the proper chlorine level in your swimming pool without paying more for electricity?

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies knows the answer is to use an energy efficient pool pump!

Choosing the Right Pool Pump

Unfortunately, many pool builders install an oversized pool pump, which uses more horsepower than necessary for the size of the given swimming pool. This ensures that a swimming pool stays both clean and crystal clear, but it uses more electricity than necessary, which costs the homeowner more money.

If you switch to an energy efficient pool pump that uses less horsepower – but that is still appropriate for the size of your pool – you could save several hundred dollars on your electricity bill every year.

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies has a great selection of energy efficient pool pumps for every pool type.

Pool Pump Tips

1. Reduce the amount of time you run your pool pump.
2. Install a timer, so your pool pump only runs as long as necessary.
3. Use the timer to run the pool for shorter periods on and off throughout the day to keep your pool cleaner.
4. Run the pump when pool treatment chemicals have been added, and they will remain mixed after you turn the pump off.
5. Do not run the pool pump every day.
6. Use a handheld pool skimmer or pool vacuum to remove debris.
7. Buy a pool cover and keep it in place when the pool is not in use. This will reduce the amount of chlorine that breaks down, and it will also keep debris out of your swimming pool.

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