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Pool Equipment Repair or Installation

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers a variety of repair services in addition to new installations for inground pools. Our expert team services all types of pools and spas in residential settings. When pool equipment is working properly, monthly operation costs are reduced.

When repairs aren’t properly done, problems can worsen and future fixes may be more costly. Our experts do the job right the first time.

Types of Equipment

In addition to our large supply of products, Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers repair and installation for the following equipment:

Pumps and motors circulate water through the filtration system so the filter can keep the water clean. Pool pumps are sized and installed specifically to fit your inground swimming pool and can last years if properly maintained.

Pool filters clean water as it passes through the filter’s medium which collect debris and dirt. The 3 main types are: D.E (Diatomaceous Earth) sand and cartridge, professional installation is recommended. With proper care and maintenance your filter can last for many years

Pool cleaners can provide water surface, floor, step, wall and tile line cleaning depending on the brand and model, reducing the need to manually clean. Pool cleaners are available in 3 different types; suction, pressure, or robotic. They are easily installed, and many top models can last years if properly maintained.

Mineral sanitizing systems use silver and copper to destroy bacteria and help control algae. When utilized with chlorine, water will be cleaner and clearer while reducing chemical usage up to 50{1b1ead7f491439c25739d151ffbe191d851c0b7a2d88cd70f9532c1b95ba4fbe}. Working in conjunction with your pool’s filtration system, minerals are dispensed into the water which reduces the need for large amounts of chlorine. Since the demand for chlorine is less water will be softer. Pool owners can transition to this system with installation from Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies.

Salt Systems (chlorine generators) use salt in the water to create chlorine sanitation through electrolysis. Chlorine generators are not an alternative to chlorine, but actually produce their own chlorine from salt. As water passes through the generators cell, chlorine (hypochlorous acid) is produced and returned to the pool to sanitize and help prevent algae. Pool owners can easily transition to this system with installation from Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies.

Pool heaters are especially helpful in the spring and fall, as they allow pool owners to extend their swimming season. Professional installation is recommended and heaters can last years when properly maintained. Whether you are looking for a gas heater or an electric heat pump one of our pool consultans in our Anthony & Syvan pool supply stores can help you find the right equipment to fit your needs.

Pool lighting provides added safety to nighttime swimmers and those walking around the pool perimeter. Lighting can also add ambiance and create the type of atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. LED lights are a great option for new or retro fit installations. They can last longer and use less energy than standard options.

Get Pool Equipment Repair or Installation: Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies

Update old equipment or install new features with the help of our caring and dedicated staff.

View our online store to see more products or visit a pool supply store near you. You can also contact Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies to learn more about our repair and installation services for inground swimming pools. Schedule a consultation with our pool professionals: 1-888-253-SWIM.