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How to Remove Pollen From Your Inground Pool

As pool openings happen around the country, pool owners are faced with the ordeal every springtime brings—pollen. Removing pollen from pool water doesn’t have to be a tedious experience. There are some helpful tips and tricks pool owners can use if they live in pollen-dense areas.

Watch the Pollen Count

Always keep an eye on the pollen counts in your community, this will warn you and let you know if you should stay alert and keep filtration systems running. Additionally, be informed as to what pollen actually looks like. Some types of algae appear as pollen to the novice pool owner; if you need advice, contact your local Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store for help.

Easy Tips to Remove Pollen From Inground Pool Water


If you live in a high pollen count area, keep your filtration system running—if not intermittently, then constantly.  Backwash the filter system or clean the cartridges when the filter pressure reaches 10PSI above normal starting pressure. Clean the pool frequently by brushing the walls and waterlines. When skimming your pool, line the skimmer net with a Net Sock by Sun Pool products. Fits most nets and can trap leaves, insects and pollen. Skimmer basket liners are also available and fit over most skimmer baskets. Liners fit easily and collect pollen, dirt and debris that may be too small for the basket to trap. Trapping pollen before it reaches the filter can extend filter cycles, reduce maintenance and saves water. Both liners are available at your local Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store.

Binding Clarifier:

Use a binding clarifier of your choice to bind fine particles your net or skimmer cannot catch with the thin material. Be sure to follow the manufactures’ instructions as different products require different courses of action. Anthony & Sylvan pool supply stores carry many types of clarifiers; speak to a sales associate to find the right product for your pool.


Shock your pool if you live in areas with high pollen counts. There are many types of living organisms that can thrive off of the pollen in your pool. You don’t want these in your pool! Shocking the pool with chlorine or another shocking chemical of your choice will ensure these cannot live.

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Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers customers a variety of products for cleaning, shocking, and maintaining pools that are prone to pollen. Shop our cleaners, chemicals, brushes, and other products online. Visit one of our convenient locations to see everything we offer.

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