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Pool Openings and Closings

Pool owners all over the country open and close their swimming pools on a seasonal basis, depending on where they live. Climate and weather patterns play a large role in deciding when you open or close your swimming pool for the year.

When warm days begin to fade into even cooler nights, people begin to close their pools for the season. Properly closing a pool helps protect your pool from freezing water and keep it clean for easy opening in the spring.

Similarly, when winter is over and the days begin to warm up, pool owners must open up pools that have been shut down for months. Correctly opening will help reduce upkeep needs throughout the season.

The pool experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offer services for all of your pool or spa openings and closings. We service all types of inground pools.

Packages from Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies for Ingound Pools

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers a variety of pool service packages – from simple openings and closings with no cover or chemicals to upgraded packages with chemicals and covering/uncovering included.

Different types of pools and spas require different types of services, so it is important to consult an expert at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies before choosing your package. While standard opening and closing packages are available, additional services can be added to suit your specific needs.

Suggested Opening and Closing Services Available

Closing a pool should happen before night temperatures dip towards freezing. If your pool is still open and temperatures drop to 40 degrees or below, leave the pool running overnight to help prevent pipes from freezing and damaging equipment.

Standard Pool Closing includes:

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies offers opening services for pools opening seasonally or that have been closed for longer periods of time.

Standard Pool Opening includes:

Additional Services:


Depending on the climate where you live, closing a pool does not mean the job is done – in colder climates, water levels should be maintained throughout the offseason. This practice helps support covers during snowfall. In warmer climates, pool owners must consistently treat for algae and add chlorine (if applicable) to keep water clean. Winter watch services are available in some areas. An Anthony & Sylvan service technician will visit your swimming pool, check water levels and remove water and debris from the pool cover. This service can be scheduled for 3 to 4 times though the winter closing season.

Call Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies for Help with Pool Openings & Closings

Managing your pool is now easier than ever with help from Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies. Avoid potential damage and messes by properly opening and closing your pool.

Contact the pool opening and closing specialists at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies for more information about packages and other services. Call 1-888-253-SWIM or visit one of our local pool supply store locations near you.