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Preparing an Inground Pool for Winter

To fully prepare a pool for winter, we recommend having your pool professionally winterized. But before you call the professionals out, there are a few things that a pool owner can take care of themselves before calling in the professionals.

The Basics

Inground pools are a great investment for a family, and taking proper care of your pool is important to keeping it in mint condition for years to come. Correctly winterizing your pool will help you keep it in good shape throughout the year, and will make opening it back up later in the year much easier.

Here are a few simple ways to get started before calling in a closing service to finish the process:

Balance the Pool Water

Balancing your pool water chemistry should be something you do throughout the pool season. By ensuring your pool water chemistry is balanced before closing your pool for the winter, you can limit algae growth during the off-season. Get your sanitizer level, pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness levels to the recommend ranges.

Stop by your local Anthony and Sylvan store for a free computerized water analysis prior to your pool closing.

Skim & Vacuum

Once you’ve added the necessary chemicals to your pool water, clean the pool itself by skimming the top of the water and vacuuming the bottom and sides of your inground pool for a quicker spring clean-up.

Lower the Water Line

Now that the water is treated and the pool is cleaned, the next step is to lower the water level. Pool covers require the water to be lowered to a certain level. Be sure to consult with an Anthony & Sylvan technician or pool professional prior to your closing date about the appropriate water level correlating with your pool cover instructions.

Removing the Water from Plumbing Pipes

After the water level is lowered, the water left in your swimming pool’s plumbing lines need to be removed. We strongly suggest hiring a pool professional to complete the job. If water remains in the pipes during the winter season the pipes may freeze. When pipes freeze they can crack causing costly and timely repairs in the spring.

Cover it Up

The final step to prepare your pool for winter is covering your pool. Winter covers (water bag/tarp) and pool safety covers keep debris out so your pool stays clean. For added protection, pool safety covers prevent accidental entry into frigid water while not in use. Follow the instructions for your specific pool cover to ensure safety throughout the season.

Prepare Your Pool for Winter with Pool Service from Anthony & Sylvan

These are just the basics of winterizing a pool! For the trickier aspects involved in this process, it’s best to allow the pool professionals at Anthony & Sylvan to take over. Incorrectly completing some of the tasks necessary in a full pool closing could cause costly damage to your pool – not to mention frustration and unwelcome issues when it comes time to reopen in spring.

Our team offers pool closing services to winterize your inground pool in many locations across the country. Find your local Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supply Store to schedule a visit, or to ask questions you may have about winterizing your pool.