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Pool Winter Covers to Protect Your Pool in the Cold Weather

The swimming season is coming to an end and the cooler months are approaching. With the cooler months comes properly closing your pool. The main star of this show is the pool winter cover. You will not be able to protect your pool from leaves, dirt, and other debris that might fall into your pool without the pool winter cover. It also stops the chemical loss that may occur from evaporation, prevents algae growth, and protects the pool from many environmental occurrences.

Benefits of Having a Pool Winter Cover

With the winter months, comes cold winter weather: snow, sleet, cold rain, and sometimes hail. These natural incidences can damage your pool if it’s not correctly protected. Pool winter covers are affordable, lightweight, and when they’re not in use, stow away nicely. Here are some of the great advantages of having an above ground pool winter cover:

Why Choose Anthony & Sylvan for Your Pool Winter Cover?

Anthony & Sylvan has been the trusted pool supply company for over 70 years. Our company spans over the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States and has grown the way that we have because of the loyalty of our customers.

The quality, durability, and prices of our Pool Winter Covers are unbeatable by any other company. Our experts at Anthony & Sylvan Pools will help you with any question or concern that you may have.

Get Your Pool Winter Covers from Anthony & Sylvan Today!

Visit your closest Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store for your pool’s winter cover so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of a protected pool this colder season. You can also shop our convenient online store for your new pool winter cover. Let Anthony & Sylvan be your choice pool supply company! We look forward to your visit!