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Safety First – Top Pool Alarms

Pool alarms monitor your swimming pool and the area around it to maintain both pool safety and give pool owners peace of mind.

Among other things, a pool alarm can:
• Sound an alarm when a child enters the pool area alone.
• Detect disturbances in the surface of your pool.
• Notify you if someone removes your pool cover.

They’re so effective at saving lives that California, New York, and Connecticut all require pool alarms for swimming pools that don’t have an automatic cover.

Anthony & Sylvan is America’s premier pool builder, and we’re dedicated to ensuring the safety of our customers. Read on to learn about the top pool alarms available.


Top Inground Pool Alarms

POOLGUARD with Remote Receiver

The portable POOLGUARD pool alarm sits conveniently on your pool’s deck. It uses an innovative sensing technology that reduces false alarms caused by wind, rain, or small objects like toys falling into the pool.

This pool alarm cannot be tampered with or turned off. When installed by the pool, it remains in the alarm ready mode. When you want to use your pool, you simply put the alarm into sleep mode and store it away from the pool.

This alarm’s horns produce 85 decibels at 10 feet. Best of all, it comes with a remote receiver with 200 feet of range, so you’re guaranteed to hear the pool alarm go off even if your pool is not close to your house.

Pool Patrol PA-30 with Remote Receiver

The Pool Patrol pool alarm floats on your swimming pool’s surface and features tie-down strings and hooks, so it can remain fixed to the side of your pool. It’s ideal for both inground pools and spas.

The Pool Patrol sounds its alarm when a wave hits its sensing ring. This indicates that a child, a pet, or something else has fallen into the pool.

The alarm sounds both next to the pool and through your in-home receiver, which features 200 feet of range.


Top Pool Door & Gate Alarms


The POOLGUARD door alarm monitors the outside door that leads to your pool, and it sounds off as soon as the door opens.

It complies with all building codes, and it has a low battery indicator.

This pool door alarm comes with an adult pass through feature that allows adults to pass through the door without the alarm sounding. However, if only a child passes through, the alarm will go off after 15 seconds, and it will sound for five minutes before automatically resetting.

This pool door alarm is perfect for families who have small children and are concerned about pool safety.


The POOLGUARD gate alarm monitors your pool gate door, and it is approved for use on any size gate.

It also features the adult pass through feature, and if a child opens the gate, the alarm will sound off within seven seconds. It’s a great way to ensure no one accidentally leaves your pool gate door open, so children will not be able to enter your pool area unsupervised.


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