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Shop for Pool Chemicals, Accessories and Toys at Anthony & Sylvan

With over 70 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, Anthony & Sylvan Pools specialize in designing, constructing, renovating, and maintaining your inground pool as well as carrying all pool supplies in our retail stores.

We carry a wide selection of the best brands in the pool equipment world including our own line of specialized products. Whether it’s cleaning materials, filters, safety covers, heat pumps… you name it, we have it for any of your pool supply needs.

Equipment and Chemicals at Anthony & Sylvan

Pool chemicals are vital to maintaining a clean and well-balanced pool. Along with chemicals, we provide equipment such as heaters, pumps, and more to ensure an attractive and comfortable pool. Here are some products we recommend that are available at your nearest Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies store:

Pool Covers at Anthony & Sylvan

We offer customizable pool covers for any season that will fit your pool size and budget to keep your pool and family protected, all while conserving energy. Find these pool covers in our retail stores.

Anthony & Sylvan Carries Pool Accessories

Now that your pool has the necessary equipment and cleaners, it’s time for the final touches! To stay in good condition, all pools need to be cleaned and maintained using our accessories such as leaf traps, brushes, thermometers, and more.

And now the fun begins! Your kids can take a dip with our squirt guns and kick boards while adults can relax on our loungers and keep drinks cold in floating coolers. Let summertime commence! Find all of these accessories in our retails or online store.

Visit Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies Online or At Your Local Pool Supply Store

All items mentioned are just a small fraction of what we carry at Anthony & Sylvan Pool Supplies! Visit your nearest retail store and shop for your pool equipment and supply needs. Our advisors are always here to help you choose the right, must-have items needed to maintain your beautiful pool.

We have 12 Northeast locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. Find a location nearest you on our website. For any questions about pool services, call (888) 253-SWIM or contact your closest pool retail store.