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Ways to Get Your Pool Ready for Winter

As the summer heat fades and the fall weather brings cooler temperatures, it’s once again time to prepare your inground pool for the winter season. Stay prepared with these helpful ways to get your pool ready for winter from Anthony & Sylvan Pools.

Balance Your Pool’s Water Chemistry

The chemistry of your pool water determines the cleanliness and safety of your pool. As you ready your pool for the winter season, check the water chemistry for these three things:

Clean the Pool

A pool should always be cleaned before closing it for the winter. To make sure a thorough, cleaning is done before your pool closing, remove all removable items, including any automatic cleaners, toys and anything else that could freeze in cold temperatures.

After removing all pool items, thoroughly skim, vacuum and brush the pool to create a clean water environment, discouraging algae and bacteria from growing while the pool is closed for the season.

Lower the Water Level

Some pool covers require the water to be lowered to a certain amount. Be sure to consult with an Anthony & Sylvan technician or pool professional prior to your closing date about the appropriate water level correlating with your pool cover instructions.

Closing Your Pool for Winter

Now that you’ve taken all the steps to balance the water chemistry, clean the pool and remove any pool items, your pool is ready to be closed.

Nervous about the life and quality of your pool during the winter season? Take the guesswork out by enlisting the pool closing services of Anthony & Sylvan Pools. With over 70 years of inground pool building experience, our talented service technicians know how to prolong the life and quality of your pool with top winter pool closing services. You’ll be able to sit back, relax and know that your pool is in great hands.

Contact Anthony & Sylvan Pools for Your Winter Pool Closing Needs

The team at Anthony & Sylvan Pools specializes in everything you need to keep your pool dazzling and in top condition. From pool chemicals and pool equipment to pool openings and closings, we’re a one-stop shop for all of your pool supply needs. Visit one of our pool supply stores or call us at 888-253-SWIM to speak with a friendly team member.